If you’re a business, Sortsy makes finding customers & growing your business really simple without paying for leads or paying commission.

Getting started with Sortsy is a doddle

Become a member in 3 steps

Simple sign up

Signing up to Sortsy is simple. There’s no long forms to complete, instead our team do that for you. We will meet at your convenience and within a few taps process your application.

Download the app

Once you’re account has been approved, it’s time to download Sortsy to your phone and develop your online profile.

Ready for business

You’re now ready to go and our team will be with you every step of the way. From your first booking, we look forward to growing your business, with ours.

Business sign up

It’s simplicity in your Hand
Get the app!

Business benefits

It costs less to work with Sortsy

Sortsy is Simple. It’s a fuss-free platform allowing your business to generate more jobs with no lead buying, budgeting for commission, or pesky paid-for-job alerts. We let you see all business opportunities in your area and pitch for those projects.

Get alerts on local business opportunities in real-time

Sortsy uses your location to connect you with customers in need in real-time – if a customer has an urgent job, relevant experts receive an ASAP alert, giving you and your team the opportunity to book a job that otherwise could have slipped under the radar.


Promote your business to a local audience 24/7

Sortsy helps you promote and grow your business online, putting you in front of a local, relevant audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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