Meet the Sortsy team…

We have assembled some of the brightest minds in Northern Ireland’s tech industry to create a super-group of creative thinkers and expert developers. Meet the team behind Sortsy, who will be responsible for the growth of the locally-created app over the coming years as we add additional sectors and conquer new countries.

Peter Layland, Co-founder

Peter’s innovative thinking hatched the idea to develop Sortsy, which connects trusted, qualified local suppliers with consumers in need of their expertise. Peter has been instrumental in the development of Sortsy’s unique interface and offering, ensuring the app remains true to its original vision while growing to meet the feedback and demands of its users. A career pilot, Peter’s bringing big ideas to the table and is striving to push Sortsy further, ensuring it meets its full potential.

Richard Campbell, Co-founder

Richard has led the innovative team at Sortsy from conception and development phases through to its launch and roll-out, offering his industry expertise as Sortsy evolves and expands. With additional sectors planned to go live over the coming months and expansion of the Sortsy service to additional countries, Richard will continue to use his creative thinking to ensure the app remains on the cutting-edge.

Claire Carson,
Junior Marketing Manager

Claire is responsible for supporting Sortsy’s marketing division by performing continuous market research into forthcoming business opportunities. Claire also assists in the production of email marketing campaigns to improve Sorty’s relationships with key stakeholders.

Peter Drysdale,
Software Developer

Responsible for building the software through which Sortsy runs, Peter has built the Sortsy app from the ground-up, developing unique features including job tracking, real-time information for both customer and supplier, and location-based features which make Sortsy unique and allow it to deliver in real-time.

Emma Galbraith,
Project Coordinator

Overseeing the Sortsy team, Emma’s expertise in people and project management has kept the Sortsy train firmly on the rails during the app’s brainstorm, development and launch. Emma works to ensure that the Sortsy team delivers on target, on time, and also maintains flexibility, keeping Sortsy’s customers and community the priority.

Lauren White,
Marketing Assistant

Lauren is the glue that holds the Sortsy team together, providing a creative approach and constant support on customer and trade research, helping to build relationships between Sortsy and its customers as well as amongst each other.

Conall McErlean,
Junior Marketing Manager

Conall works alongside the sales team to manage the day to day verification process for Sortsy members to uphold the app’s quality standards. Conall also uses his analytical approach to interpret and analyse data from the Sortsy research centre to provide ongoing reports, which he circulates through an internal communication programme.

Alan Johnston,
Sales Executive

Alan has been spearheading the sign-up process for the new app through an outreach strategy designed to educate prospective business connections on the app’s concept and demonstrate its functionality. Alan performs intensive data collection during the registration procedure to build strong business profiles on Sortsy.

Brenda Arbuckle,
Sales Advisor

Brenda’s crucial role is to find potential businesses for Sortsy, educating them on how Sortsy could benefit their business and showcasing our unique concept. Coupled with providing a service which is above and beyond, Brenda is always there to find solutions for all our customers.

Chris McClune,
QA / Software Tester

Chris is there to make sure the quality of Sortsy is second to none. His work has ensured that using Sortsy is a pleasant and positive experience for both customers and service providers across numerous Android and iOS devices.

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