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What is Sortsy?

Sortsy is a new local service in Northern Ireland which is delivered to the palm of your hand via the Sortsy App.

Sortsy connects people seeking a service to those qualified and reliable businesses who can fulfill a huge range of requests using a sleek intuitive app which is easy to use by both consumer and service provider.

Sortsy’s roots lie firmly in Northern Ireland. The service was the idea of local service seeker Peter Layland who felt there was a great need to be able to find local quality services in a modern simple way. With the expertise of software innovator Richard Campbell, the idea for Sortsy was brought to life by these local entrepreneurs and their team.

How does Sortsy ensure the quality of work provided?

Our goal at Sortsy is to create a strong community of quality service providers by ensuring all applicants are reliable and reputable businesses. Therefore we have a strict application and verification process in place and meet all our potential service providers. We are picky about who we let join our community, turning those away who do not meet our entry criteria.

Sortsy also provides our customers with the ability to review businesses once a service has been completed. Customers can also view business profiles and check out the reviews left by other customers before proceeding to accept contact from a business. All Sortsy members are encouraged to leave feedback on completion of a job. All reviews are left by genuine customers who have had a job completed through Sortsy.

Sortsy will get you in contact with local businesses but we do advise that you check everyone out as you would had you looked them up using any other resource or service provider/directory as well as the reviews provided by other fellow Sortsy customers.

How much does Sortsy cost for service seekers?

Sortsy is completely free for customers to download and use. There are also no limitations to the amount of jobs you can post, enabling you to constantly find local services.

How do I set up an account on Sortsy?

It’s a quick process, and we make it simple. Download the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store onto your smart phone. Login using Facebook by clicking the Facebook option or set up an account using your email address.

Check out this video for a step by step guide on how to edit your profile

How do I post Jobs in Sortsy?

Simply follow the onscreen instructions, entering the information requested.

Click here to check out a video for a step by step guide on how to post a job on Sortsy

What does Sortsy do with my information?

Sortsy uses your email, phone number and postcode to link you to quality, local businesses who can provide the service you require. We do not disclose your location to any service providers until you have agreed to proceed with the match. Sortsy takes protecting your details very seriously and do not disclose in any way your information to any third parties. To view our privacy protection policy follow this link.

What software is required for Sortsy to run on my mobile phone?

Sortsy app runs on Android and iOS platforms – you can download either on the links below or by searching ‘Sortsy’ in your app store.

The software is optimised to be used on smartphones and adapting to your hardware and screen size variations.

The Sortsy app runs on Android versions 4.4 and higher and iOS version 8.0 and higher.


Why is Sortsy giving away free membership for 30 days?

Sortsy is a never before seen service provider for local people in Northern Ireland. Because the concept for Sortsy is new, we need to ensure we have a base of reliable, quality tradespeople on board for launch.

By building partnerships with reputable traders, we can ensure users who post jobs will then have the best available tradespeople responding to their valuable work requests. Making sure we’re ready to serve all service seekers while building our strong, reputable local service community.

How much does Sortsy membership normally cost?

Sortsy business membership costs £30+VAT per month, taken on reoccurring monthly debit. There are no limitations on the amount of work you can price through Sortsy so you can utilise this vital business tool to your businesses advantage.

We have eliminated both lead purchasing and job value price banding to put everyone on an equal playing field when it comes to reaping the benefits of the Sortsy app.

How do I safeguard and protect my reputation as a service provider if I use Sortsy?

We know how hard you work to create and maintain great customer services and relationships and we want to protect the reputation you worked hard to achieve. To build a strong community of tradespeople, we ensure that all applicants are quality, reliable, and reputable businesses, so we have a strict application process in place. We also prefer to meet with all of our tradespeople at least once face to face so any questions can be answered regarding the usage of our app and service.

We are picky with who we let into our community and will turn away tradespeople who cannot meet our criteria.

Does Sortsy have any contracts?

No. We’re contract free meaning you can cancel your Sortsy account at any time – you simply pay for the month you’re in.

We want  everyone to be fair and respectful, so we have terms and conditions and a privacy policy. Make sure you’re familiar with these terms before finalising your account with Sortsy

How long does it take to set up a business account?

It’s an easy process and we make it simple, there are no long forms to complete – we will do all that for you! A member of our team will come and meet with you, provide a demo and help you to complete the Sortsy application. We aim to have your details processed within 48hrs of receipt so you can start connecting to customers as soon as possible.

Can Sortsy have multi-user functionality?

Yes indeed. Within a company more than one team member can use Sortsy at the same time. Alerts will come through to all users so that you can review a job for a team member who is near the area of the request. You can choose to have a main user to monitor job alerts or can allow various users to see job alerts as they come through.

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