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How it all started…

Peter Layland was living the dream. Working at an exciting job as a pilot for an international airline and flying all over Europe and beyond, his lifestyle was busy and he never knew where the next day would take him.

While his on-the-go lifestyle was what he had always dreamed of, things were less than ideal on the ground when he required a tradesperson to help him with some home repairs in a hurry. Frustrated after weeks of missed phone calls during flights, emails written to tradespeople in busy airports, and juggling schedules to make sure he’d be home when the work was done, Peter thought there had to be a better way.

Peter started thinking of a convenient app that would match tradespeople (and lots of other business types) with jobs in real time, meaning both customers and businesses could easily manage their schedules and availability and make connections immediately. No more missed calls, no more waiting for replies, no more unreliable builders, and no more switching work schedules.

Keen to turn his idea into a reality, Peter joined up with veteran tech entrepreneur Richard Campbell to get the ball rolling. With a track record of growing tech businesses and developing forward-thinking, easy-to-use technology services, Richard and Peter formed the perfect team to bring Sortsy to life.

As Sortsy grew, so did the Sortsy team working to make the dream a reality, and following over a year in development, the revolutionary, time-saving, business-building app is launching to its first market in Northern Ireland soon. Stay tuned to our story to learn more as we grow.

Our mission is simple

To give users and businesses a simple and innovative way to connect with each other.

To grow our app to offer a full range of useful and unique service providers across the country and beyond. To make like easier for everyone.

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